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A level, even lawn, with no bumps or depressions, is very important to homeowners as it presents a surface which is much more usable to walk, play and relax upon. Numerous activities (athletic or otherwise) will be more enjoyable and ultimately safer, including tennis, football, soccer, baseball, or just running around for children and adults alike.

A healthier and easier to maintain lawn is also easier to achieve with a Level Lawn Rake. It results in a superior quality cut, due to the fact your mower won’t be scalping the lawn, and you are also able to mow with greater speed as the mower isn’t bouncing around. Also, mowing over an uneven surface is not very comfortable (comparable to driving over potholes in your vehicle). Of specific concern are the low spots because as the tires pass over them, the level of the mower blade also drops, pitching it into the higher spots and therefore cutting the grass there too low. One other advantage to a level lawn is the drainage. Hollow areas and low spots are inclined to collect water in pools, which increases the possibility of lawn disease.


I’m very happy with my purchase, easy to navigate website and great customer service.

Much better than using a regular rake or some of the other landscape rakes. Allows the grass to stand up through the media. Recommended.


Lawrence Sanders – Buxton, Maine

This tool just slides across the lawn. It moves easily & leaves a smooth finish. Super quality. Great price.

Monroe Skidmore – Trenton, New Jersey

Excellent delivery and exceptionally well made. Wish we had purchased years ago for lawn maintenance. Our neighbors already asking to use it!

Emma Corby – Allen, Texas

Does what it is intended to do! Leveled my soil better than any other tool, including my landscaping rake. So much easier to add topsoil, sand or fertiliser on top of existing lawn for amazing results.

Thomas Arthur – Tallahassee, Florida

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Our hand-crafted Lawn Leveler Rake tool helps you to acheive the very best results. No Rust Stainless Steel, heavy duty design with quality construction.



Our handy landscaping lawn level rake makes levelling your lawn a breeze. Lightweight and easy for all to use, whether at home or in a professional capacity on golf courses or sports venues.


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Designed with care and attention to detail, so as to ensure your job is as easy as possible. This professional lawn levelling rake takes the strain, rather than your back.


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Why Use a Lawn Leveler?

Level lawn rake is the easiest way to spread and level the soil under your new turf for a smooth and stunning result or over existing turf to level out those annoying bumps and mounds on your lawn.

The lawn leveler is designed to handle every job, including the tougher spreading jobs. The head is made from top quality, hardwearing non-rusting stainless steel which is strongly braced at each end for additional strength.

The durable, lightweight, yet strong design of this lawn leveler makes it ideal for spreading screened topsoil, breaking up heavy soil and spreading mounds of material.

The three inner bars are open at the top and tend to catch any small stones in the dressing. The front and rear bars are angled to remove any excess material.

So easy to use the lawn leveler with a back and forth motion, which evenly distributes top dressing materials whatever size area that you are working on. It distributes application materials, removes stones from soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam and smooths soil for planting.

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